Scholarship Program

We believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. When you sponsor a child you are not only impacting the life and future of that child but also the future of our world! You have the power to make a change today by impacting a child in need. Global Belief Project's scholarship program revolves around its unique three part approach being sponsorship, mentorship, and discipleship.

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  • Sponsorship: Begins with a sponsor. The sponsor is a committed benefactor who not only relieves the child's family of financial burden by gifting the youth with the opportunity of proper education but also is able to build a relationship with the sponsored child on the other side of the world. This correspondence is made possible by Global Belief Project's online portal, emails, letters, and pictures
  • Mentorship: Each sponsored child has a Ugandan national as a mentor who stands as a prominent role model offering an open heart, a listening ear, and spiritual guidance through the beautiful and difficult paths of life
  • Discipleship: Through biblical discipleship, Global Belief Project leadership pours into its mentors so that they may continue to overflow the love of Jesus into each child they mentor

Together we can make a difference and raise up an educated, bible believing generation of youth who, with your help, can not only reach for their dreams but achieve them.

Our Students