Halima Naisanga

Educational Scholarship

Place: Uganda


Halima is an eight year old girl living in Kainogoga Village, Uganda with her eight siblings! With so many children in the family, Halima has not had the opportunity to go to school yet, but it very excited at the possibility! Halima's mom says that a scholarship and access to a proper education will give her a successful future. Halima feels happy thinking of attending school like all her friends.

Halima loves playing with dolls, playing netball, drawing, and most of all spending time with her twelve year old sister Babriye. Halima's family says that she is rarely sad, but on the off chance that she is, the way to make her smile is through her stomach! Some of Halima's favorite foods are rice and meat. Halima is a joyful young lady with a bright future. 

With a history of seizures caused by malaria's high fevers, Halima is inspired to become a doctor.