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Jayden Musiitwa

Educational Scholarship

Place: Uganda

Jayden Musiitwa has been waiting 136 days for a sponsor.

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Jayden is a seven year old boy living in Jinja Town with his grandparents and three cousins. Jayden has lived with his grandparents since he was a baby. Jayden's father unfortunately passed away in December 2015, and his mother has never taken an active role in his life. Despite his circumstances, Jayden is outgoing, lively, and an extremely happy boy.

Jayden is very bright and has big dreams of becoming an airline pilot and flying to America. Jayden loves playing soccer, running, playing with toys, and going with his grandfather to work at the mechanic shop. Jayden's favorite color is red, and he excels in his studies. Jayden enjoys everything about school, except for classes when his teacher makes him sing and dance, because as Jayden says, "singing and dancing is for girls." 

Jayden is a truly stand out kid. His spunky personality, out spoken self, and non-conformist tendencies make him all the more lovable.