Kakaire Salimu

Educational Scholarship

Place: Uganda


Kakaire (pronounced ka-care) is a six year old boy living in the village of Kainogoga, Uganda. Kakaire lives in a Muslim home among six other children, one father, and two mothers. 

Kakaire enjoys playing with friends, playing soccer, washing dishes, fetching water, and playing with Tupperware containers found around the house. Kakaire loves all things red. His favorite and best  subject in school is English. Kakaire wishes to go to school more frequently to one day achieve his dreams of becoming a builder. 

Kakaire's father recently donated land to the local community, allowing Global Belief Project to install a well, serving clean water to 1,500 people throughout the village. Kakaire loved watching the well installation and could be found each day attentively and joyfully observing the construction site.