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Ruth Bakyekose

Educational Scholarship

Place: Uganda

Ruth Bakyekose has been waiting 742 days for a sponsor.

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Ruth is a little eight year old girl in a  big family of eleven. In family this big, each member has an important role. They work as a unit helping each other. Ruth's family claims that she is a very hard worker and helps with many things, including cooking, sweeping washing dishes, and farming. 

Ruth's family has suffered severely since her father lost his job as a high school teacher five years back. Unfortunately, this set back caused her father to turn to alcoholism, as a way to numb his sorrow. Since this time, Ruth's mother has struggled to keep their heads above water, focusing on her Christian faith as her only source of hope and strength. 

Ruth has never had the opportunity to to go to school but looks forward to attending, meeting her teachers, making friends, studying, and working toward her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Ruth loves playing with toys, babysitting, playing hide-and-go-seek, and spending time with her family. 

We know Ruth's work ethic, strong faith, unshakable determination, and positive attitude will bring her far in life.