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Winfred Namuwya

Educational Scholarship

Place: Uganda

Winfred Namuwya has been waiting 1571 days for a sponsor.

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Winfred is a joyful ten year old girl living in Bufuula Village. Winfred and her two sisters have lived with their aging grandparents since the unfortunate passing of both their parents. Winfred (or Wini) does very well in school. English is her favorite subject, and rightfully so! There are many languages and dialects spoken in Uganda, but in Wini's home English is primary language. Wini's English is very advanced for a girl her age.

Wini loves playign netball, dancing, and cooking potatoes for her grandparents. 

Wini is currently living with AIDS, but despite her circumstances, she is a thriving young lady. The Joy of The Lord truly is her strength. Wini is an overcomer and shining star. She hopes to become a teacher when she grows up. We know Wini will succeed at whatever she puts her mind and heart to.